Tuesday, March 31, 2015

March Photo-a-Day: my month in pictures

March has come and gone already and it's hard for me to believe. I've had a full month with a newborn. A full month as a mom of three - what?! I tried to get a variety of pictures this month, but to be honest, they are mostly of Mason. He's so adorable and I'm giving in to my baby fever that has been around for a few years now :)

So here was our March:

March 1: Life with a newborn summed up LOL // March 2: Little guy snuggled up with Daddy.
March 3: These are a real thing. Unfortunately, I didn't like them as much as their separate counterparts. // March 4: My new front seat passenger :)

March 5: I swear my desk is always in a constant state of disarray. I need an actual desk...that's not teeny and will give me room for organization! // March 6: If you have a Kroger nearby, get you some of this!! It's the most amazing thing ever!
March 7: Happy in his Happy! wrap // March 8: Washi tape fixes everything - including old Gameboys that don't want to keep their covers on.

March 9: Remade the quinoa stuffed zucchini boats with Italian sausage and they were awesome! // March 10: Crashed!
March 11: Cami requested a haircut, so we went for it. She wanted it at her ears, but I convinced her to go a little longer // March 12: This face :D

March 13: When he starts falling asleep, he makes this face and it makes me about die with happiness and love. // March 14: We celebrated Matt's 8th birthday with all the family. He got lots of Skyrim, Naruto, and Minecraft stuff and was really happy!
March 15: Sunday dinners at my in law's means visiting the puppies - they were 5 weeks here. The only one left is that little strawberry blonde girl :( // March 16: He hooked that bottle - it's not going anywhere!

March 17: Little baby feet! // March 18: Late night baby cuddles
March 19: I've got the best friends! Little man has never looked cuter than when wearing this onesie from my pal, Amber. // March 20: REM cycles are the best. Zombie baby!

March 21: Trefoils are the best Girl Scout cookies! // March 22: Brinner buffet for Sunday dinner.
March 23: The cats love morning naps too. // March 24: Coffee, donuts, Erin Condren planner, and some blogging.

March 25: He likes being held all the time and at this point, I don't care. He's sweet. // March 26: Cami has been really bad for stuffing dirty clothes and toys in places they don't go...so after her clean clothes dwindled down, I checked her room and then ended up going "drill sergeant" on it and flipping it for her to clean up. I'm hoping this will deter her from cleaning the wrong way.
March 27: Got out of bed to wake the older two for school and came back to this little nugget on his side! // March 28: Matthew bought a little crystal excavation set with some of his birthday money.

March 29: I can't even! Look at how sweet and adorable this little guy is! // March 30: I ordered this Meal Planner notebook and cannot wait to use it!
March 31: March going out like a lamb...

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