Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Baby Mason: 2 Weeks Old

My littlest is already 2 weeks old (yesterday) and I already want him to stop getting so big! He's so stinking cute and I know I'll blink and he'll be 8 (like his big brother turned today). :(

The pictures below: dream smile - can't wait for the real thing! A pee incident turned into a cute clothing change. :) Snapped a picture of all three of the kids at a stoplight...Matt & Cami love their little brother so much.

Stats: 7lb 15oz, 19.75", and 36cm head circumference

Eating: Breastmilk by bottle - he eats every 1 1/2 to 2 hours and I pump every 3 or so. Still pumping more than he's eating. I already have 20+ bags of frozen milk.
Sleeping: Like his sister, he likes being held to sleep. I'm hoping in the next two weeks to get him in the bassinet. He hates to be swaddled, so his startle reflex wakes him. We go to sleep around 11 or 12 and Mason gets up around 2 or 3 and then again at 5 or 6. Honestly, it's not so bad! We take our morning nap together after dropping off the older siblings at school :)
Wearing: Still in newborn clothes and disposable dipes. He's so teeny!
Personality: For the most part, he's very calm and sweet.
Milestones: We haven't hit anything too big yet. At his newborn appointment (at a week old because it was their first opening), he had already gained what little he lost at the hospital.

  • Being held
  • His arms being free to roam - he loves putting his hands up by his face, just like he did in utero
  • Being in the Happy wrap!
  • Eating
  • Being swaddled
  • Being put into his carseat
  • Diaper changes/clothes changing
  • His feet being messed with
  • Gas

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