Saturday, February 28, 2015

February Photo-a-Day: my month in pictures

February looks a bit more balanced out from this standpoint. Although after transferring pictures off my phone, I had a bunch of Muffin. I feel like March is going to be the month of Mason pictures. My phone is already very quickly filling up with the little munchkin butt :)

Feb 1: Started off the month with a trip to L&D - thankfully it was just a fluke because I was only 36 weeks. // Feb 2: My stickers from One Orange Snowflake for my planner got here! I love them.
Feb 3: Matt & Cami have been pretty inseparable lately - they are always hanging out together and doing the same thing as the other. Their bond makes me happy :) // Feb 4: If she can't get to my bump, she lays right up on my arm.

Feb 5: I wanted mini donuts and couldn't decide what kind, so I ended up with three kinds! // Feb 6: I have been working on reading my Baby 411 book - they've added so much new information in this edition from the earlier one I bought 8+ years ago.
Feb 7: I had promised the kiddos that we would get Burger King one day while Daddy had weekend drill because Nick hates BK and we love it. Got me a Whopper and a Tropical Mango smoothie that is the bomb dot com. // Feb 8: I pulled out my stamps finally after running to Hobby Lobby the day before for ink pads. Apparently, Muffin's clinginess surpasses me wanting to work on my planner, so I did it on top of her.

Feb 9: My mom-in-law's 1 year old pup had been looking a little full lately and I asked if she was pregnant...turns out...yes. Yes, she was. Dixie had 9 puppies altogether - 1 ended up not making it through the night :( // Feb 10: Makeup = selfie. I never wear makeup anymore. So I think it deserves a selfie when I do LOL
Feb 11: Made homemade Nutella for the birthday girl's mini dessert since we weren't having her birthday party until the weekend. // Feb 12: Getting Valentines ready last minute - go us!

Feb 13: I couldn't resist the temptation of a Target mug and, of course, it's a kitty one! // Feb 14: Even with company over, I managed to wash all the cloth diaper covers and inserts.
Feb 15: Nick went to work on his car (restoring his 1979 Datsun 280ZX) at his mom's, so Cami and I put on a movie. Frozen, to be exact. We could watch it daily, but the boys like to complain about it, so we only watch it every once in a while. // Feb 16: I made spaghetti and was actually able to stomach it! I missed it so much!

Feb 17: Snow day = cuddle time on the couch. Muffin included. // Feb 18: We didn't actually get too much snow, it was mostly ice and made for really bad road conditions. So we basically did not leave the house at all...for nearly the whole week.
Feb 19: We party hard. Seriously look at us go! // Feb 20: Killing time by writing in my pregnancy journal. 39 weeks already?!

Feb 21: 39 weeks 1 day bump. OVER IT! // Feb 22: Went in to L&D because I was having consistent contractions that were getting stronger and closer together. They sent me home because they weren't strong enough. So we spent the night watching The 4400 on Netflix while I was still in freaking pain having contractions.
Feb 23: Went into my dr appt wanting to throw in the towel. I know my labor stalled the day before - like it has the other two pregnancies. I asked to be induced and so at 3pm, I headed to the hospital to start Cytotec to prep me for pitocin in the morning if my body did what it was supposed to. I pretty much watched HGTV and Food Network the entire time I was at the hospital. I miss cable! // Feb 24: Mason arrived at 11:10am the next day! My paperwork only counts my labor from the time my water was broken and pitocin was started - so only 3 hours of labor and he was here. By far my easiest labor and delivery. My body definitely had stalled on Sunday because it went FAST and I responded very well to everything.

Feb 25: The kids are in love with Mason already. They both brought books to read to him. This pic is of my boys. I love them so much!! // Feb 26: The hospital food was freaking killer! I ordered whatever I wanted and could've asked for double portions because I'm breastfeeding (but ultimately didn't).
Feb 27: We are home now. Mason is a dream baby. He's so cute and calm. I cannot tell you how glad I am to be out of the hospital though - food was great, bed...not so much! Plus I missed Nick and the kids too. // Feb 28: Another baby pic - BECAUSE!!! :) A perfect end to a really rough month.

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