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January Photo-a-Day: my month in pictures

Photo-a-Day: my month in pictures #january #photoaday #blog

Many many bloggers do this and I love these posts! Not that I'm nosy, but I love seeing how other people (especially if they have similar lifestyles - same job, same amount of kids, etc.) spend their time. Does that sound weird? Who knows! What I do know is that it's also been nice to take at least one picture a day and see what I actually spend my time doing. Apparently, January was the time of lots of food and cats and Erin Condren life planner organizing :) Without further's my January in pictures.

Jan 1: After the ball dropped and I got my kiss, Nick went back to shaking his noisemaker with Cami doing the same. I couldn't believe how much she looked like him in this picture! // Jan 2: Copycat baconnators! YUM
Jan 3: Drunk driver crashed across the street from our house around midnight. Nick ran out and helped until the ambulance and cops got here. It was pretty scary :( // Jan 4: Went to Mom's for Sunday dinner - little Binx in the box!

Jan 5: Bella's Maine Coon imitation. She does not look too enthusiastic about me taking pictures. // Jan 6: Washing bottles to put in the cabinet.
Jan 7: Muffin is very protective of the baby bump. Nick thinks her and Mason will be inseparable after he is born. I think it'll be the opposite. // Jan 8: Dresser is here and put together and filled with boy clothes (both Matthew and Mason's).

Jan 9: Calzones for dinner. Matthew has been begging for them! // Jan 10: Mom (MIL) made gravy and froze it in 7 portions so the kids can have biscuits and gravy for Saturday morning breakfasts. It's something she has always made the kids when we visited from NY. I'm not too great at making it, so I leave that to Mimi :)
Jan 11: Pancake dippers for lunch - yes, sir! // Jan 12: Crib made it and now it's together too.

Jan 13: SHOW ME THE SCIENCE. I *pink puffy heart* this baby book. I got myself a new edition (Baby 411). // Jan 14: Lunch was healthy - leftover oriental salad with honey salad dressing, fruit smoothie, and water.
Jan 15: Helped Cami with her social studies timeline project. I've been trying to stress to the kids about doing rough drafts and using pencil before using marker on the only piece of poster board we have in the house LOL // Jan 16: Nick thinks I'm a weirdo because I don't drink my cereal milk or soup broth.

Jan 17: Cutting washi strips to cover the day/night tabs in my Erin Condren life planner // Jan 18: Playing seamstress to Pink Yoshi.
Jan 19: Bottling day for the apple wheat hefeweizen! Normally, I help sanitize bottles, but it's harder for me to bend over with the big ole pregnant belly. So Nick sanitized and filled the bottles. I capped them and put them in the box. We did it faster than we ever have before! // Jan 20: Organizing after washi taping up my planner.

Jan 21: Drafting up my EC update post! // Jan 22: Oh my good gosh! We have strawberries 3 for $5 here and they are big and juicy and perfect. I'm craving fruit like crazy right now. I almost ate the whole container in one sitting.
Jan 23: Muffin again going straight to the bump to lay down and cuddle. We've been catching up on watching The 100. // Jan 24: My weekly bump pic. 35 weeks - can't believe I'm this far along already!

Jan 25: Found out that my pretty Pilot pens I had been saving have colorful ink. So they came outta that package immediately to use in my planner. I already switched the blog section and meal planning section. // Jan 26: My brakes gave out on my stupid car. Had to get it towed.
Jan 27: We got snow and school was delayed. Look at this horrid disaster (that's sarcasm!). It was gone by 1pm haha // Jan 28: The sunrise from our backyard..I wish it were a better capture of the colors on the mountains - so pretty. I just love this house and Tennessee.

Jan 29: My Zoya polishes came in the mail. I got 3 for $15.99, free shipping, and 3 mystery minis. All my minis were neutrals and I'm so stoked! // Jan 30: Nick took the good pasta sauce that had Italian sausage, cherry tomatoes, and I made my own alfredo to add to the plain pasta for lunch.
Jan 31: Today/This weekend's task is to pack my hospital bag. I have my list, I have a ton of stuff in the pack 'n play, I just need to actually get it into the bag.

And there you have it. That's what a month is in my world.

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