Saturday, August 16, 2014

A Change in Plans

I was going to do my student teaching in January 2015, but it turns out we had a curveball thrown our way and I'm going to have to take a term break and resume in Fall 2015. Not ideal, but it's a pretty good reason to take a term break...

I'm pregnant! :)

12 weeks.

So basically I am doing my in-class observation [my school calls it Pre-Clinical Experiences and the middle school I'm at refers to it as "practicum"] this term and then I get to take a term break until July 2015 and do my student teaching starting in August. It actually works out pretty well.

I'm due in February - basically smack dab in the middle of the kids' birthdays [one in Feb and one in March]. We hope to move into our first home sometime in late 2014/early 2015. So having a nice long 6 months not to worry about school is amazing. I can concentrate on the baby and a new home. And when I'm ready, I can go to student teach and the baby will be a great age to be in daycare.

We're really really excited even though we weren't planning on having any more kiddos. I've got my fingers crossed for another little boy! Of course, Matthew [7] wants a baby brother and Cami [6] wants a baby sister. Hubby isn't particular since we have one of each.

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